01 July 2007

Yay for Nemo, boo to laziness.

I was supposed to get up early this morning, cook up a little something, and go with Steve to his church. They've all heard of me, and would love to meet me, but I'm not a morning person, especially on the weekends. So, last night, I asked Steve to wake me up when he woke up, so that the two of us could go together. Unfortunately, I found my Finding Nemo, which is (in my opinion) the greatest movie of all time, bar none. It's a beautiful story, and there are scenes that make me cry every single time.

So there we were, watching Nemo at 12:00 midnight. Around 1:30 or so, the movie finished, and we went to sleep. His church holds services at 10 AM. That means getting up at around 8:00 to get ready, get the stuff together, and be out the door by 9:30. At 8:00, my body was so exhausted, that I begged off, and kept sleeping. When I did wake up at 9:30 or so, Steve was just about ready to go out the door. Boo to me. I wish I could've gone with him.

Of course, the laziness didn't stop there. He came home that afternoon, and asked me if I was running low on cigarettes, or anything else. To my horror, I was. So I offered to come with him to the store, and snag a carton, and maybe do some light grocery shopping. We're running a bit low on vegetables, and probably need to get some more at some point. Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to leave, I instantly got bitten by the lazy bug again, and asked Steve if he didn't mind dashing off on his own to snag the goods. He, being the ultimate in Wonderful Guy™, had no problem with it, and went off on his way. Of course, five minutes after he left, the skies opened up into torrential rain.

When he got back, he told me in an amused voice that someone had dropped him a phone number on his car. Apparently, when Steve went into the store, the guy saw which car he'd gotten out of, and was intrigued. Someone tried to pick him up! That's so cool! Steve called the guy back, and explained about his situation, and how he's got someone already. We're meeting the guy tomorrow after work just to hang out for a while. He's in from Ohio, and will be going back in a week or so. It's bound to be fun, eh?

I feel like this weekend has gone by in a flash, because I did manage to get so much cooking done for the upcoming week. I do need another few days of being lazy, so thankfully, we get 4 July as a holiday. Unfortunately, it's in the middle of the week, so no three day weekend. But fortunately, it will feel like very short weeks when we get to work! Y'know, I think it'd be nice to have that setup during regular weeks. Even if it means working for an extra hour or so during the other days, having a mid-week break would be rather nice. That way, you're only at work for two days at a stretch. I'll let you know when I manage to become king of the world or something. That'll be my first decree.

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