23 July 2007

Rainy, but pretty.

I was sitting outside of my house, on a chair on my driveway, when the wind suddenly whipped up out of nowhere. It was going to start raining. Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of rainy days, but this was different. Unlike most storms, that are dark and ponderous and angry and frenzied, this one simply was. The air blew from all directions, pushing my shirt up, then back down, then out and around. Out of nowhere, this orange butterfly flew past.

It was completely unexpected, but so amazing at the same time. Here were these tempestuous winds, flying in all directions, and there went a gentle little butterfly, just enjoying the wind with me. We sat like that, the one looking at the other for about fifteen minutes, in perfect silence. Occasionally, the weather would interject with a flash of lightning, or a laugh of thunder. We two travellers on our journey, however, simply sat in companionable silence. There were no need for words. It was nice to just revel in each other's gaze for a while.

The first few fat, lazy drops broke my concentration and his. He bid me farewell, and fluttered past me on the way to whatever errand he'd been heading off to take care of before our all too short repast. Take care of yourself, little friend.

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