06 July 2007

Back to the basics ramble.

One of the people who bought my book sent me the sweetest comment: "I made some of the basic pasta with garlic for lunch, with a bell pepper mixed in- so yummy, and simple, and something I'd not have thought to do myself!"

See, that's the thing about those basics recipes; they're meant to get you to appreciate very simple and clean flavours, with few frills and furbelows. As omnis, we have broccoli smothered in cheese, and as vegans, we often have them in stir fry dishes, or in pot pies, or other places where they're drowned with ... stuff. Same with pasta; we rarely have pasta with just a touch of oil and a bit of garlic for flavour. It lets you totally appreciate the experience of pasta. And the cool thing is that if you're a vegan on a tight budget, and you notice that your pantry is getting a little skimpy, you can still invite friends over for dinner, and serve them something lovely and delicious with very little fuss or shopping. It'll let you hold off on hitting up the market for a few days, and keep you fed.

Mind you, I do encourage you all to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can get your hands on. We want to keep ourselves healthy and happy. However, this is not always feasible (and I'll be the first to admit that!), and you sometimes need to cut corners when money is tight.

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