30 October 2007

NYC, here we came.

We finally made it into the City on Saturday at 4:20 PM. The flight was delayed, and I was, understandably, swearing proficiently and colourfully under and over my breath. But, we made it in, and I took some pictures of our new home.

The picture below is how you see our bedroom as soon as you enter it. The fireplace doesn't connect to anything.

This is our palatial kitchen. It's freaking HUGE. It's also really pretty. It's granite floors, and marble counters. That's a hardwood table, and the appliances and utensils are all top of the line. I love my land lady.

To christen our kitchen with my mark, I created a few new dishes, and cooked. This one here is whole potatoes, tossed with some oil, and then combined with diced tomatoes, and sliced onions. I baked it at 350ยบ until the potatoes were tender. They got crispy on the outside, and nobody needed margarine, because the oil and tomatoes and onions provided lots of flavour.

This is a dish of plantains, with the typical spices that I used to make Indian roasted potatoes, but I added crushed peanuts at the last five minutes of cooking. Very yummy, and the skins got all crispy, so the two textures of the plantains were cleanly balanced.

While I was waiting for the plantains and potatoes to cook in the oven, I dashed off and snagged a picture of Steve on the bed, checking his email and my blog.

On the way out, I snagged a quick picture of all of our luggage. To imagine that we managed to make the move with only five pieces of luggage in total is pretty darned good, I think. No need to tell you that the red suitcases are mine, as well my red purse. I hope you're all taking notes, so that you know what colour of stuff to get me!

I found some tinned beans, so I made a really quick bean soup with adobo seasoning.

I used the same adobo seasoning to give the rice a yellow tint, but then I thought it looked too boring. I quickly deep fried some onions to get them dark brown. It was still lacking. So, I sliced up a couple of carrots in thin slices, and deep fried them as well. I think it came out rather pretty. The sweetness of the carrots and onions offset the dark, earthy adobo seasonings in the rice. Quite yummy.

My landlady seems to enjoy my cooking quite a lot, and has been eating vegan since I arrived. It is her house, so I'm not going to make a fuss if she has animal products, but I think it's very sweet of her to be so accommodating. Dinner that first night gave us leftovers for a while. I froze half of the soup. In fact, I froze a lot of the leftovers, so that we don't get bored.

Now I need to figure out what to make for tomorrow!


  1. Welcome to New York! We can always use more fun, nice people here. And you'll find plenty of wonderful vegan restaurants if there's ever an evening you want to bid a temporary adieu to your beautiful new kitchen.

  2. Dino!

    I am so happy for you! And possibly a little jealous. ;)

    Congrats on making the move! Your landlady sounds pretty great compared to some I've had. <3

  3. Where on earth in NYC did you move to get that kind of kitchen??? I live in Queens, where there's a lot more room (everyone who sees my apartment is like "OMG so big!!!") but we still have a tiny-ass kitchen.

    Welcome to our fair city!

  4. Yay! Welcome to the Northeast! Sorry to have missed you both this weekend, but I hope we re-connect soon. I am in total envy of your kitchen...and craving the delish food cooked there :)


  5. Mark: There are vegans all around, and I love it. Random people who I meet in places I hang out at will look at what I'm eating, profess their want to go vegan, and show their excitement when I tell them how easy it is in NY.

    Jaxin: Thanks! My landlady is a sweetheart.

    Johanna: Bushwick~ish. It's good to be in your happy little home. If you ever want to come over and cook in the giant kitchen of doom, drop me a line, and we'll have a get together.

    Beth: We missed you, but we'll be sure to hang out next time you're in town!