26 July 2011

How not to stay in business

I have ordered from here multiple times in the past. I order the same thing every single time: bean burrito, no cream, no cheese. Why? Can't have dairy. I have issues with dairy. I make sure to say no cream, no cheese, every single time, because it would be a disaster if I were to ingest any dairy.

I called for delivery today. Took the better part of 45 minutes to get here. Fine, whatever. The burritos arrive. All three have cheese. There are sides of sour cream. Mind you, in the past, they have always included sour cream, even though I make sure to ask for none at all. That's not a problem, because it's on the side, and I can just throw it out. This time, however, the cheese is on there.

I call the restaurant to report the issue. Lady says "You didn't ask for no cream or cheese." Uh yes I did. I ask for it every single time, every time I order, which has been multiple times. Lady insisted on being right. That's fine. You can pretend that you're right, but I'll never order from there again, and make sure to tell my friends never to order from them again. I know that the customer isn't always right, but it would be nice to be treated as if I'm not trying to lie or something. Just send the right order, and take back the messed up one.

Mistakes happen. It's OK. Just make it right, and I'm happy. They have forever lost a customer, and they've pissed me off that I'm going to make sure to tell everyone about it.

06 July 2011

Home again

I made it home safely a couple hours back. We ate dinner, and are settling in for bed.

My computer, phone, and ipod (in that order) remind me that today, I return from Chicago. And this, my friends, is what happens when we sync the living daylights out of everything.