25 October 2007

Italian Stir-fry?

There. I'm doing it. I'm scraping down at the bottom of the barrel at this point, because I sincerely doubt that I'll get satisfaction from a restaurant, but I dislike going to the market, when I'm about to leave in two days! So, here comes what is left in my fridge. There was some broccoli in the freezer, along with some cut green beans. There were mushrooms floating about, so those got chopped as well. I had a tin of olives (sorry--I just love olives). Of course, I also used my old standard of garlic, onions, sesame seeds, and cumin as the base seasoning, and I added oregano, basil, and thyme to the dish for heightened flavour. I did it up like a stir-fry, keeping things moving constantly, and cooking it all over a very hot flame. It came out wonderfully with some pasta. I'm pleased.


  1. It's amazing what delicious things an empty pantry and fridge can create! I love olives too!

  2. hey dino! i just want to say i love ur book! also i think this site is really great =]

  3. Stiletto: Amen to that! I love rustling around in the fridge, and finding stuff to make too.

    VeganGoddess: Thank you so much for the kind words. They mean a lot to me!