07 October 2007

I'll be moving from Florida to New York city really soon. If anyone would mind having a couple of cute vegan boys who will cook and clean for you for a few days in exchange for couch space, let me know.

Speaking of cooking, my friend Dana (I mentioned her a lot in the book) invited me over to come cook with her. She wanted to get in a couple more sessions before I leave the state, and I was more than happy to oblige her, because I enjoy being with her so much! And, you, my lovely readers, can enjoy the pictures of the food.

This is bajji. The larger pieces are actually bread that we used to use up the last of the batter. It was delicious. I was bursting with pride, because Dana managed this batch herself with no prompting from me at all. In the time I've known her, we've only made it a couple of times, because it isn't exactly healthy, and it uses up a fair bit of oil, and makes an enormous mess. So to have seen her triumphing over the recipe (from MEMORY, no less!) was a wonderful parting gift.

This is one of Steve and Dana's favourites: aubergine. I made version 2 from the book, with lots of whole cloves of garlic. It was another moment of pride, because as I was cooking in, Dana's daughter Noodle walked by, and asked "Did you just add cinnamon to something?" We were both shocked that this little five year old was able to correctly identify a spice by smell alone. We're making a future chef!

Wine, of course. The glasses looked really pretty, so I wanted a picture of them.

Courgettes and Squash. VERY yummy, with lots of basil, oregano, rosemary, and curry leaves. Piles and piles of curry leaves.

Saffron and cashew rice Basmati rice. Extremely yummy all by itself.

This stuff makes me ill to think about, but Steve and Dana POUNCE at it every time I make it. It's that okra buried treasure from the book. It's another of Dana's favourites, so she specifically got okra so that I'd make it for her. The things you do for friends!

Indian roasted potatoes with onions.

We had a really good time, cooking, talking, gossiping; all the regular stuff that we do when you get that many vegans in a room together. The food came out very well, and the house smelled divine for hours afterwards!


  1. WOW! Moving!! Is this a good thing or not? How exciting, either way!

    I'd let y'all sleep on my couch anytime - especially if you cooked (hahah) but it'd be a rather strange route to New York if you came thru Washington State.

    At any rate, hopefully we'll see more of your yummy recipes even after the move. Good Luck!!

  2. HAH! It would be odd, wouldn't it? That being said, of course I'll be posting yummies on my blog. If Mr. Dino cannot post pretty pictures of food, what is the point of existing!

  3. is there any way to download your food?

    Anything with aubergine in it is truly the best!

  4. Oh Dino, you know that the okra and tomatoes owns. I make it at least once a week and we have no less thatn SEVEN POUNDS of okra in the freezer so that I can keep making it local and organic through the winter.

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