01 October 2007

It all started with a slice of bread that I toasted on the stove with olive oil. I just needed the barest few drops to get the bread lightly oiled on both sides, and then a nice hot skillet to get that pretty colour on it.

Next came a clove of garlic, that I had sliced in half vertically. I rubbed the garlic all over the bread, on both sides and on the crust.

I wanted that garlic to permeate the bread thoroughly. It was quite nice.

Finally, I loaded on giant slices of fresh tomatoes, dripping with flavour.

Breakfast is served.


  1. Yum. Nothing like garlic breath first thing in the morning! My personal fave is garlicky avocado on toast for breakfast.

  2. Yeah, I would eat this every morning if I could - however I'm already famous for my strange foods in the lunch room, and I work in very close proximity with my fellow co-workers... not that I should worry, sheesh! I have to suffer through THEIR smelly tuna fish sandwiches and nausea-inducing clam chowders... you'd think a little harmless GARLIC would be OK...

  3. Hey now! I did remove the central stalk, as I mentioned on the most recent Podcast segment, and didn't have stinky breath all day. Fortunately, at my workplace, there are strict rules about fish.

  4. Dino!
    I'd like to help on the Vegan faq thing.
    How do I contact you?


  5. (*laughs*) Hey, I totally do the center-core-removal surgery-procedure on my garlic and I swear the vegetable-phobic in my uptight and non-vegan workspace STILL flare their over-sensitive nostrils...

    Can I come work with YOU? "Rules against fish"? How nice would THAT be?

    Thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog by the way! Much appreciated.

  6. Man, I wish I worked somewhere with rules against fish! People bring it in all the time and it STINKS!!! Ewww.

    That brekkie looks damn yummy though *drools* Mmmmm garlic!

  7. Dino! This is Therese (aka themedusachild on VFF) I've missed you on the Internets! Hmm...mash up a garlic? I should try that: only been doing the olive oil and salt on bread. But sadly, I have no kitchen right now where I live, except a microwave, a fridge, and a bathroom with a small sink. So haven't had a chance to cook. And have had to buy at Whole Paycheck. Which it really is, because my paycheck hasn't arrived yet... :-s