16 June 2009

The language of hope!

I was talking to a friend, Sandra, a few years ago. Unfortunately, I haven't spoken to her in years and years, because both of us got involved in different online communities and the rest, and hadn't really kept up with each other as we should have. Anyrate. We were just chatting randomly, and I'd mentioned Esperanto off-hand. Immediately, her response was "The language of hope!" I was stunned and immensely pleased, because I'd heard of the language back when I was ten years old, and my brother had bought me one of those "amazing facts" type books for kids, that I read religiously. They mentioned all the history of the language, and how it came to be, and for some reason, every time I'd bring it up with my local friends, nobody had a clue what I was talking about. It made me sad inside, because it really is a cool project, and nobody seemed to know about it. So about twelve years after hearing about the language, Sandra, who I'd met at random too, heard of it too. What a cool world we live in. :)


  1. my friend's parents were part of the Esperantu movement when I was in high school...I didn't know until I called her and the answering machine greeting was in Esperantu!

    Speaking of language, I just discovered your blog/podcast and am curious why you use British vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling. Did you grow up in America?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm from India, and we spell/say things like the Brits! XD