12 May 2009

Still Cold

I called my mother yesterday. Unfortunately, the conversation was only about an hour and small change, but I did get to have my boss join in on it, which was nice. We all got a chance to chat about work, and dumb people, and all the rest, and it was definitely nice for him to hear a voice that's not mine. I know that I talk a lot, but it's part of my charm. Right? RIGHT?

Fine. Be that way.

My father's book is coming along swimmingly, although I haven't the time to edit it quite yet, because work has been filling my days and the rest with so much to do! It's good in one way, because it means that there is so much to get done, and we're not sitting around and scratching all various and sundry body parts. It's also good because it means that we're forever trying to improve ourselves, and reaching for the highest and best that we can do.
It's not so good, because we're not lounging on a beach somewhere with cocktails.

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