13 May 2009

Dear Senator Serrano:
I was under the impression that this great city celebrates and rejoices in the diversity of its people, but I feel like my diversity isn't being respected. There's been some grumbling and mumbling going down about the Marriage Equality Bill not happening as it should have happened years ago, for all people. Please, if you have any compassion for those of us who have no rights to be given the respect that we deserve, please do your best to ensure that this bill passes. I came here from Florida to escape people who hated me for who I am. Please hear my voice, and know that people like me need those rights, so that we can have the same benefits that our straight married friends have. My partnership of four years is no less valid than anyone else's and I hope that you'll agree too.
I have attached a photograph of me with my beautiful husband, so that you'll see that we too have a face, an a voice, and are real people.
Thank you for your time.
The senator's email address: serrano@senate.state.ny.us
If you're a registered voter in New York, please, send the good senator a message. :)

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  1. Actually, if you're a registered voter in the State of New York, be sure to send a message to the senator who represents your area.

    More information can be found at http://www.broadwayimpact.com/