04 September 2008

Weekend was MAJOR fun

Of course, now that we're back from Jersey, and severely missing being around that many vegans at once, we're both yearning to be adopted by Pat and Elise. Besides. Her kiddo has a huge tub of Harry Potter toys. Sign me up! Apparently, there are plenty more vegans who are equally interested in being taken aboard the Pat/Elise train. So. Guess there's a wait list. Ah well.

We came home to an empty apartment, which was nice, but not as nice as one being filled with vegans.

Now that I'm back in the city, I'm getting excited about seeing some of the designers during Fashion Week. I'll be sure to bore my friends to tears while I discuss every stupid aspect of it. That's what you lot get for being my friend! Boredom!

I did another podcast episode within a day of posting the one before, because someone asked a question that had a response burning through my skull, so I had to do it immediately. Also, he seemed fairly in need of said information, so I figured that it would be a nice little present to get him going. It's the Travel show, for those of you who are curious. He responded enthusiastically, as I'd hoped he would:
Wow! That was everything I needed and more! Thanks so much, these meals sound good enough that I'm going to use them at home too. Tons of great info, and be careful writing back so quickly (5 MINUTES for my first email!), you'll have dorks like me writing you more often than you'd like! Good stuff.
Maybe some day, I'll start getting so many emails that I won't be able to respond within a few minutes, but I know that I'll never be too busy to chat with my friends and people who enjoy my work. There's not enough silly ego bumping around in my skull to be unapproachable! Feel free to email me any food questions to alternativevegan at gmail dot com, and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. I also see the comments in this blog, but I tend not to respond, because ... it seems weird to respond to a comment on my own blog! 

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