12 September 2008

Beautiful, gorgeous vegans.

I did a podcast where I mentioned all the lovely email that I've been getting from my wonderful listeners. One of them was Tracey. She was the one who told us that story about being in  restaurant with her friends, and things devolving rather quickly when she found an insect in her salad:

Here is a funny story for you that happened to me at lunch today…
I was invited to lunch with a group of co-workers. I called ahead to find out what they had that was vegan before I arrived so I was prepared to order rather than sit there and question the waiter with my rant of "does it have milk, egg, cheese.. yada yada." So we all get our lunches and as I am eating they are asking about what I am putting in my iced tea. I explain what Stevia is and they start asking questions about veganism (yippeee, right?). 
Then, I feel a weird crunch [this is where you are going to go, "eww"] I pull out what looks like hard dried up meat and put it on the plate. Then I inspect my mushroom enchilada and low and behold … I see a long insect leg. As I unwrap it further, I find a dead horsefly in the food. They are looking at my plate and grossing out, then they start making comments about me needing the extra protein. (insert curse word and growl) 
Anyway, the plate is quickly and gracefully removed by the waiter. I carefully inspect my salad and cautiously bite each leaf of iceberg with wide eyes looking for inch worms or locusts. At this point, the manager comes over and offers me a gift certificate for $30 to come back. My thought is, "Why would I want to come back to a non-vegan restaurant and be served bugs again? That’s just nasty."  And here’s the gripper, as I ate my salad, I couldn’t help but notice that the omnis were just gulping down their food not chewing and oblivious to the potential “extra protein” they could be consuming. I sat there and ate my salad slowly chewing each bite. I just don’t understand how our society has such little regard for what they ingest and are quick to consume anything in front of them; not just food but all things.
I asked her permission to show you all her and her boyfriend (she sent me a photo), and she agreed. Here it is:


  1. Wouldn't know how to comment on this without being un-PC, but that's just plain unprofessional--to serve people stuff with insects in it I mean. D=

  2. Hey! I was listening to your podcast, and let me tell you that I really enjoy it. Well, anyways, I was listening to it, and then you started talking on how you don't like to eat fake meats and fake cheese...and I'm like I talked to a guy like that through the vegan freak chat, and then I remembered that you were Dino and that you live in New York and all that.
    So, hi!! hahahaha....I'm the girl who lives in Mexico, probably you don't remember but anyways, hi.
    Just wanted to let you know that your book is in my christmas list!!

    Take care, and keep up the podcasts. They are really helpful.

  3. If you are looking for photos of beautiful vegans I suggest going to Beautiful-Vegan.com.