26 November 2007

NJ Veg Social Post Thanksgiving Recap

We had the party at Jeff's house for the New Jersey Veg Social group. There was so much food that they thought that I wouldn't be able to cook it all. But, I decided to get out there, and cook something like twenty or thirty different dishes with the vegetables that everyone brought. That being said, it wouldn't have been possible without all the people helping with the prep of the vegetables, and chatting with me. Because I was having such a good time, my creativity flowed more strongly, and I began to create entirely new taste sensations, and to flow with whatever was being prepared at the moment.

It wasn't just a party, it was an event. It was a phenomenon. It was everything that a meetup should and can be. Why? Because people came together, vegan or otherwise, and enjoyed the company of friends, and broke bread together over five or six hours. The food just kept coming and coming. Every hour or so, a new dish would come out onto the tables, and the people would cluster around, and sample the new thing. They'd comment on the flavours and textures. They'd talk about how they never thought of preparing the vegetable in question in that manner before. They'd eat, and eat some more. It was so much fun!

The next time this happens, I'll be sure to let you all know. It's something that more of us need to share if we can.