08 November 2007

Glove love.

I went shopping all over the city. I need all sorts of winter clothes, and figured that it'd be a good idea to hit up some second hand stores. I wandered about, and found some fantastic bargains. Just by chance, I happened upon a store where they had these gloves at $1 per pair. For whatever reason, there were three pairs left. I bought all three. I couldn't figure out why, because I can only wear only pair at a time, and it's not like I'm suffering from an overabundance of space. Maybe the answer would come later on.

I had a lovely lunch at a cute little bistro, and kept walking. There were two men sitting on the sidewalk, with a sign in front of them. "Homeless, cold, and hungry. Need winter clothes. Anything will help." So that's what the extra pairs of gloves were for! I handed (hah!) them over, and walked off far less confused than where I started.