05 September 2007

Booo, writer's block

You know how I'm generally fairly chatty, and ready to ramble on about anything and everything and nothing at all? Today, I got hit with a pretty big case of writer's block, and it's making me crazy. It hasn't happened in years, which is why it's particularly annoying. These few sentences alone are taking far longer than they should have in the past.

I've tried the hints to jog your brain into working for you, and none of them seem to be working.

I guess this is what I get for spending a three day weekend doing positively nothing at all in particular. I watched TV, ate junky fried food, and did as little as humanly possible. It was wonderful, because after all the weeks of doing ... stuff, it's nice to cut loose and let yourself be brain dead for a spell. Unfortunately for me, this also means that it's going to take some time to recover from the vegging out state that I've been so blissfully rolling around in.

What's even worse is the utter lack of ability to think of all things cooking, which I love above all else. Someone mentioned that she'd like to jazz up her hummus, and all I could lamely come up with was the addition of olives, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. That's so pedestrian that anyone could have thought that up! I know not to panic, and that as soon as my brain wakes back up, we'll be back to business as usual, but this is a decidedly disconcerting feeling.

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  1. Ah, my partner is going away for three days this weekend, and I expect to be lounging in my underwear the whole time, eating crap that I wouldn't normally, and leaving all the dirty dishes until the day before he gets home. Little breaks are great ;D