20 August 2007

O-Town Part II

I hate Shakespeare. Let it be known right now that I don't consider myself to be "cultured" or any of those other fancy words that people use to really mean "boring claptrap that nobody in his right mind would pay money for." However, there was this one Theatre, called The Mad Cow (it's a black box theatre, and there was space enough for like 20 or so people in there), where they did a production of Pericles.

The first image is of Tony and Juls' cat. He's quite a social little guy, and loves to hang out with whoever is sleeping on their futon. For most of the trip, he basked in the attentions of all the humans he could use as "scratch my ears for me" posts. That's all we are to him--hands to pet him! Their other cat was shy, so he hid in the bedroom the whole time.

The second image is my proof that vegans are attractive! There's my Steve, towering over everyone else in the back. The theatre was beautifully set up, and had multiple places for cute photo ops. So, of course, being the little camera lover that I can be, I decided to let you readers take advantage of it.

Aww, aren't we cute together!? That little red bag that I have is from Target, and cost me around $13! No leather here!

The show was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we explored downtown Orlando for a while. What a lively place! There were people out chatting and laughing, and having general good times. It was so nice to see a place where people were laid back, and having fun. We stayed out a bit late.

Fortunately, during the day time, I had put together a feast.

From the left to the right, we have lemon rice, mushroom and summer squash and courgette salad, and roasted vegetables. The roasted vegetables include turnips, potatoes, and carrots. They got this dark brown colour on the bottom from sitting in the baking dish, and smelled so fragrant that I didn't have the heart to make them into a soup, like I'd originally planned. Instead, I left them as is, and served them that way. The mushrooms and courgettes were sautéed lightly in olive oil, with a generous dose of fresh thyme. They naturally leaked out a bit of water, which melded rather well with the oil and spices. I poured on a few sprinkles of red wine vinegar to give them just the right twangy edges.

Whenever I make rice from Basmati rice, I make sure to do it as a pilaf. All that it requires is that the rice be toasted in a little bit of fat, until it gets totally opaque, and smells a little nutty before you boil it with water. At the end, I stirred in some toasted almonds. It was so good that we were eating the rice all by itself.

Just because it was so tasty, here comes another shot of the roasted veggies. The next picture is aloo gobi. The third from the left is a creamy courgette and summer squash soup. It was very rich (because I used cocoanut milk to form the liquid), but soooo tasty.

Finally, I leave you with one more shot of the 'shrooms, and one of the three bean soup that we made. Everything was delicious!


  1. Dino, this is one of the best posts ever! Could you and Steve be any cuter? And could the food look anymore yummy? :)

    We FINALLY got your book. AND our cast iron skillets. What did we do B.D.? (Before Dino, that is).


  2. Thanks, Woz! Much appreciated. I certainly hope you enjoy the book, of course. And yes, we are adorable together. :) Of course the food looks yummy! It was very simple to throw together.