29 August 2007

Chaucer Cat!

I met this cat, named Chaucer, a few weeks back. He really likes boys, and more or less shies away from girls. When I went over to my friend Jen's house, he seemed rather pleased that mommy brought him a new boy to play with! He sauntered over and said hi, and immediately demanded head scratches. I found his sweet spot on his head, and under his chin, and he was quite content.

The reason I bring this up is because I had heard a comment the other day that animals can't have feelings. To combat the irritation that I felt from the comment (and the idiot person making it), I started thinking back to the animals that I've met and known personally. Somehow, I think they'd respectfully disagree as well. Chaucer is definitely different from other cats I've known, in that he makes his preferences known to people he chooses, and he's got a definitely attitude that's unique to him. My friend Jamie's cats are different as well. One is more laid back and reticent, while the other is quite outgoing, and demanding of attention/affection. Tony and Juls' cats are completely different from each other as well. The bigger one (El Gordito) is very shy around strangers, and hid under their bed the whole weekend that we were up there, while the black one (El Negrito—you saw pictures of him in the post about the Orlando trip) is quite outgoing. When Steve and I were sleeping, he'd plop himself down at our feet, so that he could hang out with his new friends for the weekend! It was so endearing to watch.

My friend Ellie's cats (and dog) are just as varied. Her new kitten likes to go off exploring by himself, while the older cat watches on with an air of one who's past all of that. Her dog, on the other hand, loves to be in the thick of the action, and would perpetually be nosing around in the kitchen while we cooked. It was so adorable to watch. Dana's cats are more or less polar opposites as well. One of them likes to mooch around and hang out with the humans, while the other keeps to himself most of the time. Both love being brushed by the cat brush, while Jen's Chaucer tries to eat the brush! I could go on, but I'll move on to other things before I lose the lot of you from gushing about my furry friends.

In other news, Steve leaves for Chicago on Thursday. While I know I'll miss him, I'm very excited for him to be going back to his home turf as a full grown Adult With An Established Career Path And Goals And Expectations For Life Thanks For Asking. He's also built up a social life down here, and will have plenty to tell his family when he goes to visit with them. Most importantly, it'll be nice to have the house to myself for a couple of days to be completely lazy and sit on the couch, watching my stories with a bowl of popcorn, and only getting up to use the WC.

I HAD to gush about finally figuring out the proper typographical marks used in proper ... typography.


God, that sounded stupid.

Anycow. To type an em dash, which is used to break up a sentence, one holds down the Alt key, and presses (on the numeral pad) 0151. An en dash (used to show a range of dates, or numbers), is typed using alt+0150. The “curly quotes” are typed using alt+0147 and alt+0148, respectively. On a mac, it's much easier, and I'm not going to go into it, because I'm stuck on this stupid windows box, and I'm bitter about it. Maybe when I get home ...

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