16 June 2009

It's FREEZING out there. :(

What is going ON out there? It's down in the mid 60s (F). This is ridiculous. Where is global warming when you need it? Argh. I'm sitting here at the basement in Chow, and shivering away, in spite of my wearing a jacket. I'm hoping that the broccoli soup gets made soon, so that I can warm myself from the inside out.

In food news, I made a giant broccoli dish yesterday. I started off as I usually do with vegetable dishes, with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and sesame seeds. Then in went some very finely chopped potatoes, a bit of turmeric, and a bit of salt. Toss toss toss for about five minutes (yes, I chopped them that small that they cooked in about five minutes). Then in went the broccoli, stalks and all. All I did was peel off the bottom 1/3rd of the stems, with a vegetable peeler, to take off the woody part, and then sliced up the stems as thinly as I could. This was so that they would cook up at the same time as the stalks.

Toss toss toss. The broccoli was getting nicely roasted and toasted and smelling fantastic. To gild the lily, I added about a teaspoon or so of coconut oil, some red chile flakes, along with a couple bunches of scallions. Oh! It was like heaven in a pot! The smells were so intoxicating, and the whole apartment filled with the smell of beautifully roasted broccoli, toasted spices, roasty coconut, and the nicely browned potatoes. I wish you could have been there, because I made a good two large bunches of broccoli into this heavenly dish, and I love to share my food with people that I care about.

On the side, I had daal and rice, which I'd made earlier that morning (you remember how I mentioned soaking split peas). It was so good, and I'm still floating on the clouds to remember it.

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  1. Dino! It's spring like weather! We may never see it again! Don't worry, I'm sure it will be ball-sticking hot soon XP