22 June 2009

I stop, and think about things, and realise that I actually live in New York City. It's almost surreal how it's possible for me to be living my dreams. I have a beautiful husband. I live in a wonderful city. I work a dream job. My boss is a kind man, who I look up to like a father. I can cook for anyone, and have them enjoy my food. My parents are good to me. My sister and her husband are wonderful. I know I'm not dreaming, because I still have to deal with drudgery (paying bills, waiting in queues, doing grunt work like cleaning the house), but I almost wonder if I've been somehow singled out for the gods to bestow me with the best that life can give. It's a nice thought, for sure.

And more than that? I'm never bored. Every minute of my life provides me with new wonders. With new things to explore and think about. It's like knowing that everything that you do will form ever-increasing ripples in the ocean of life. That you matter.

It seems sappy if you're not living it. But if you are living it, it's life!

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