01 May 2008

Salting thoroughly

I'm sure that most of you do this already, but for those who don't, maybe this tip will help! 

The next time you are about to salt a pot of food, precede the addition of salt with some other spice that will show up clearly in the food. For example, if I'm adding salt to a pot of Venn Pongal, I'll add ground black pepper first, then the salt. This way, when I stir up the pot thoroughly, and mix the pepper through, the salt gets mixed at the same time. I know that everything is blended through perfectly when I see that the pepper is evenly blended. I do this, because there are times when I'll salt something, and end up with little pockets of salt. It's decidedly unpleasant. This technique helps me ensure that everything is evenly blended. 


  1. This is very helpful. I'm not the best cook but with prices on everything going up I'm forced to cook more for my family. I really appreciate your blog!

  2. Great tip - I've ruined some potentially great food by over-salting without realising it due to just such pesky salt pockets!