21 May 2008

Face to Face

For whatever reason, I'm a huge fan of getting things done in person. Last night, our fridge started giving brown water. That was decidedly gross. Ordinarily, most people would have buzzed down the front desk, and asked them to handle it. They would have, and the next morning, someone would have come in to fix the fridge. Instead, because I went downstairs, and joked about how I'm a late riser, it looks like they didn't send anyone yet, which is a good thing, as I had a rough night and couldn't sleep till rather late. Just to be on the safe side, however, I did run down again, and the nice man at the desk said that he'd have someone call me to let me know what's up. Again, that's wonderful. I could have called, but the guy would have been talking to someone else (who was trying to make a delivery at that moment). He appreciated my being there, and politely waiting my turn.

I've noticed this time and again with people that I serve, and who serve me: do things in person if you want them done right. When I'd have those people who would walk the three feet to my desk to ask me for computer help (in my old job), I'd ensure that I'd dash over to their desk immediately, and handle it. Those who sent me emails (and I hate emails, when you have my phone number or can come see me) go sent to the back of the line.

I'm not sure what made me think of this, other than the --

Oh right. When you're out there, and you have friends who question your veganism, don't discuss it over the phone, or via email. Do it in person, after you've cooked for them. I've had the hardest hard core carnivores come over to my side when I've taken them to eat really good vegan food, or when I've cooked it myself. They can never say that all we eat is twigs and tofu, because I've physically shown them differently. It's not like showing a recipe, or a shock video. Having them share that meal with you, in person, as you describe how easy everything was to make will give you the ability to make a lasting impression.

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