27 August 2007

Going on vacation food

Steve's about to head out to Chicago on Thursday, and I don't fancy having tonnes of food around that I can't finish off by myself. So what I'm in the middle of right now is "going on vacation" food. This is all stuff that freezes well, gets finished quickly, or is, in general, easy to push off on people who haven't go stuff around the house.

First and foremost came bread. Once the bread maker cooled down from the first loaf (the one you saw pictures of in the previous post), I immediately set about making a second loaf. In went the remainder of the Okara, tahini (because I ran out of oil), and the standard other ingredients. Steve was curious as to why I was making a second loaf, and I gave him my "Dino knows best" grin and went about my business.

It's fortunate that I did, because we'd ended up finishing off half of the first loaf in a couple of hours anyway! There was plenty of other food, but the bread smelled and tasted so good that we couldn't help ourselves. Hopefully, the fatkins freaks aren't reading this, and slowly going crazy. Wait. What am I talking about!? Hopefully, they ARE reading this! I love my carbs. I'm a carboholic.

Of course, we're working on that sambhar. It's so much better the next day, because the flavours have had a chance to rest, and combine more intensely. I also threw together a quick stir-fry (because we haven't had one in months), and set that in the fridge as well. Not only will it finish off quickly, it allowed me to stretch the last of my vegetables that I had in the freezer with a lot of rice. I wouldn't suggest doing this if you're looking to save your waist line and health, but if you're reaching the bottom of the food barrel, you're often times forced to improvise to make dinner happen. In fact, if you're looking to feed a hungry crowd, sometimes you don't have much of a choice, do you?

When I get home tonight, I'm not overly sure as to what to throw together. Maybe a quick marinara with onions, tomatoes, garlic, olives, basil, and oregano. Barring that, I'll roast off some potatoes, and call it a night. This all depends on how lazy I'm feeling. Hm. Maybe rice with marinara, done in a casserole-like thing? Either way, I'll figure it out, and fill you all in if I recall what I did!

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  1. Rice has got to be my new favorite carb staple since I moved down to Mayheeco. It's so versatile and you can do practically anything with it! Its funny you mention a rice "casserole" because this weekend my grandma made a type of seafood paella but casserole'd it because my grandpa can't eat too much oily food. It was sooooooo good!