15 August 2007

Cool stuff!

My mum is visiting my sister in Connecticut, and helping with general purpose things and the like. Because she and my dad will be there an extended amount of time (and because she was "complaining" about the masses of vegetables they seem to have lying about), I decided to let her know about Food Not Bombs. If you're not familiar with them, please take a moment and visit their website. I'll wait for you.


Pretty cute website, isn't it? Anycow, mum got very much interested in their work, and contacted the lady who runs it. My mum and the nice lady hit it off, and found that they had a lot of similarities. The two are now hanging out, and keeping in touch. Mum's going to be doing her first cooking this coming Sunday, I think, so wish her luck!

I think it's so wonderful when people come together for such a well executed cause like FnB. The thing is that many of these large organisations that collect funding for any sort of activism end up spending a portion of that on administrative costs. Someone has to pay the piper, as it were. This one, on the other hand, is totally run by the kindness of people's heart. I'm so proud of my mother being so passionate about something that she (who is a self-proclaimed technophobe to the core) got onto Google, emailed around all the FnB groups up by where she's visiting with my sister, and kept on it until she found a group near enough to her that she could go to. What's even greater than all of that is that she's working on getting them more food, and more volunteers, and spreading the word of the programme to a wider audience.

Yes, she has the time to do these things, but she doesn't drive by herself, and she's still got all the other things they're doing to keep the house up and running, in addition to helping my dad with his lectures and workshops. They're still maintaining an active social life. They're still deeply religious, and attend their local temple every week. Outside of all those things, she's still finding the time and the drive to feed people.

In other news, I've begun to upload pictures that people have sent me of the food they're making from the cookbook onto the Amazon product page. If we can make them hungry, we might as well do so! I love food pictures, and am more than happy to post yours as well if you'd like to send them in.

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