17 August 2007

Exciting things to come

Hopefully, if I can finally convince Steve to get the digital camera situation sorted out, I'll be taking more pictures of the foods that I'm cooking. Once that's set, I'm sure I'll have people on here more frequently, to get some inspiration for what they should make.

I heard the neatest comment about that the other day. She said something like "I like Dino's book, because it gives me inspiration for stuff to make (but usually not what's in the recipe!)" and I just about stood up out of my chair and did a little happy dance of joy. Granted, it also gave me a good laugh, but that's not the point! People are certainly taking my words to heart.

This Saturday, I'll be going with Steve to my friend Tony's house in Orlando. They've promised theatre tickets (this is exciting, as it's been quite a while, y'know?) and masses of vegetables. This is bound to be a wicked fun trip. I can't recall if I've cooked for Tony and his charming, wonderful first lady Juls. If I haven't, I will this time! Updates to come once I get back, of course.

My mum, in her infinite Food not Bombs wisdom, asked me to draft up a flyer to ask for donations of dried goods (rice, pasta, beans, etc.) from people living in the Hartford, CT area. If you know someone there, can you please leave a comment on here, so that I can send you her contact information? I'd really love to see her get a positive response to this! If you can't donate the stuff, they're more than happy to accept your time to help cook, set up, or clean up. If you can't do that either, they'd love to have your company when they serve the food. My mother is a talented, and creative cook. Go out this Sunday for the FnB thing even if you can't help out.

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