18 June 2010

Needing reminders to slow down.

I guess these "new outlook on life" dealies take more than a day to really sink into one's thick skull. And trust you me, my skull is plenty thick. I give the word "head banger" a whole new meaning when you watch me fumble around in the low-celinged office that I work in. My head is throbbing just thinking about how many things I've hit it on, or have fallen on it. And still nothing has budged all that much.

So here I am, in the sidewalk along 14th street, on the way to the subway. I'm stuck behind this guy who's ambling. Not because there's anything wrong, but mainly because he's spending an awful lot of time looking up at the buildings and the surroundings and the rest. I wanted to just shove him aside and plow on through, but I didn't. I slowed down for a minute, found an opening, and walked around him.

Attitudes may change, but walking speeds are important to maintain. I may be working towards being kinder and less angry, but I've still got places to be!