09 July 2009

Mid Week Feast

Kale with coconut milk, curry powder, and scallions. I put the beets in there to cook, because the greens were done too fast. Baked at 350 for 45 minutes.

Broccoli with coconut oil and sesame seeds. Tossed in a bit of cumin powder and turmeric powder. Baked at 350 for 20 minutes.

Beet greens, stewed in a bit of water and their own juices. Seasoned with ginger and garam masala. Baked for 25 minutes.

Snow peas with ginger and mint. Tossed in a bit of oil, and baked for 20 minutes.

Rasam. It's in the book.

All said and done, the prep time took the longest, because washing and chopping all those masses of vegetables in a tiny kitchen can take some time, but after it was all put together, it took five seconds to dump everything into the oven. That was well worth it. If you were making this for two people eating one meal, it would only take like 10 minutes of prep, and then dump everything in the oven. The broccoli and snow peas may be done in the microwave, if you wish. The beet greens as well. The kale really needs the oven to develop proper flavour. I didn't get to see the kale finish cooking, because I had to leave for work, so I asked Steve to turn off the oven when it beeped. He said it was fantastic.


  1. Yay Alternative Vegan! I just made the chickpeas and lentils last night, along with the broccoli, roti, and coconut rice. Yum, though my buddy didn't get the Roti to puff! The cup of vodka and all the spices really packed a punch and the broccoli almost melted my brain. Looking forward to making the rest of your recipes and reading the rest of your stories. Keep it awesome.

  2. I am mad about kale lately, and yours with coconut milk and beets looks delicious! And I can't wait to make your rasam...