12 May 2008

Speaking of bulk ...

I also do something else that helps me quickly label and identify what my stuff is. When I go to the stores that sell bulk grains, spices, and other staples, I'm always left with the convenient stickers that they put onto the plastic bags from the stores. Once I get home, I have a lot of containers that are not clear, but are perfectly large enough to hold the spices. I immediately jumped on the idea of simply taking off that wonderful sticker (which carries both the product name, and the price that I paid for it!), and slapping it onto my container! 

This way, when I go back to the stores, to check the price, I'll know at which store I bought the product, and the amount of money that I paid for it. It's highly handy for those of us who like to think we paid less than we did. It certainly keeps me honest! 

It's a decidedly disgusting day today. The wind is out in full force, and the rain is pattering away steadily. When will this weather ever look up again!? Yesterday was fairly nice, but turned rather cold, rather quickly. Then this morning, we all wake up, and see that it's a soupy mass outside. 

The one bright point was earlier today. I was looking out my window (my bedroom has huge windows, and gives me a lovely view of Midtown and the East River). There's this lovely little walkway that leads you along the East River. On sunny days, the trees that line the walkway shade you. On rainy days, however, the middle of that walkway creates lovely little puddles for you to splash. I watched an older gentleman pick up a long stick, and shake up the water in a particularly hefty puddle. He was laughing his head off! Soon after, I learned the reason for his mirth: a tiny little person, wearing a yellow slicker, and cute little red galoshes. It was so cute to watch those two play in the puddles! Both of them were dressed in such sunny, happy colours, and were laughing and being so happy that I couldn't help but smile. 

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  1. So cute! I don't play in puddles anymore since I'm a big girl, but I LOVE finding HUGE ONES just to see if I can successfully jump across them back and forth until I get tired and fall right in the middle (guess I'm not fully grown yet xD).

    But I'm never outside on a rainy day, anyway. /sigh

    That idea of yours is creative. I'd start doing that if I didn't already know what I was buying. Hmm. WonderBread, Ritz Crackers, and Skippy!!!. HIT ME, ...NOW. *gets slapped*