23 May 2008

Prices of rice

I've noticed that the cost of plain white rice is starting to get fairly ugly. I used to be able to get it on sale all the time for about $3 - $5 for a twenty pound bag. Now, I am lucky to get the same bag for $12. In the past, when things like this would happen, I would simply switch to something else. More and more, however, that's becoming a less and less viable option. Beans are up to $1 a pound, or more. Corn tortillas are up to $1.50 per package (the same package that used to cost $0.75). Bread is getting ridiculous, as is wheat flour. Yeast has gone up too.

This worries me, because when stuff like this goes down, it usually signals something nastier in the works, where everyone ends up reamed.

Anyone got a row boat?