26 February 2008

Whoof. Finally got the dsl and wireless router set up and working after much drama. We're both on mac, so we had to manually configure the DSL, even though the CD /says/ that it'll work on a OSX computer. That was lame and annoying, but whatever, it was working. Then I find that one of the outlets is dead in the spot where I wanted to set everything up, and we didn't have an extension cord for the other live outlet to split the electric connection. So Puppy goes to Gristede's, snags a cord, comes back. Then the DSL futzed out on us completely, and we couldn't get the bloody modem to work correctly, because Puppy wasn't close enough to the Apple store when he bought it, so he had just dashed in to the closest store when he did get it. DRAMA. So then we reset the modem on the web interface, and it was fine. And the router is set up. And the phone.

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