26 February 2008

Positive Comment From Gymmie

My friend Gymmie, from the Vegan Freaks Forum (check out their podcast when you get a chance), made a comment in a thread I made there about the Outrageously Easy Big Bread from Vegweb:

"Yes a year and a half ago I joined this forum..yes I've seen this thread at least a zillion times...no, I don't know how to listen.

So from the VF Recipe Book thread and how you can make bread without a loaf pan got me thinking about this one. So I had everything else just needed yeast so at the store I bought some.

So I made it tonight...it's not as pretty as Dino's but OMW it's YUM! nom nom nom

Moral of the story if Dino tells you to do something DO IT! Don't pass go, don't collect $200 just DO IT!

So yes like Dino said even if you can't boil water you CAN make this and no matter what you do to try to screw up you can't! You'll still have YUMMY NOMMY BREAD!

Somehow I missed a sentence that I read before about WHEN it was OK to mix it, so although confused, I set it for the first rising (without mixing) and then I found the sentence I missed so I mixed it all and set it again for 45 minutes. I'm still not sure if it officially rose or not but I have bread!"

People seriously knead (haha) to know how easy it is to have a bread dough to work with that you don't have to knead. And, it's really good to have some yeast around at all times, so that you can crank out your own oven fresh bread on those days that you've finished out your bank account, and are still hungry. PBJs and cucumber sandwiches aren't fancy, but they'll keep you fed for a few cents, when you make your own bread at some. A bit of olive oil, some garlic, salt, pepper, and some tomato slices, and a bit of dried basil will let you feel like you're having bruschetta (when you toast the bread), and takes less than 5 minutes to throw together when the kids are screaming with annoyance at waiting on the pasta water to come to a boil. Get used to making your own bread. It's got so few ingredients, that I had it memorised. Puppy makes pizza dough from this recipe, and it comes out flawless every time. Give it a looksie. Others modified it to make cinnamon rolls. Others added fruit, or nuts, or vegetables. They also commented. They also took pictures (quite a few of mine are on there). Go. Make it already.


  1. Hi Dino -

    I am obeying you in terms of having a masala dabba! I took an Indian veg cooking class yesterday, and the teacher gave us one as part of the class fee.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I have a bread machine but I've been looking for an easy recipe to make it by hand and I think this must be it!

  3. Eesh: This works in a bread machine too! Just cut the recipe in half, and you're there.

  4. Now I want to make this bread, too. Must find the thread. Oh, and maybe get me an oven. I wonder if my aunt will mind me stopping by to shamelessly use hers. It's probably okay provided I share...

  5. Hey, I made this bread, and posted about it too, and now my friends are making it, and it's great! Thanks for the encouragement. I have made it several times and keep adding more whole wheat flour and things (and it gets smaller, but I don't care) so I think it's pretty adaptable.