17 December 2007

The Shock Doctrine

A brief film by Alfonso Cuaron.


  1. Thanks for posting this Dino. It's quite eye-opening.

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  4. I recently read The Shock Doctrine and I think everyone should. It's really dense with information, but it's very accessible. Naomi Klein did a great job of re-framing our notions of economics to explain most of the world's problems. Having read her book lets you focus on the root causes of suffering and oppression, of any kind, and gives you the perspective to not get distracted by things that really aren't part of the equation.

    There's nothing about veganism in the book, but her analysis applies to everything: the rhetoric confusing democracy, freedom, and capitalism; the tactics used to promote complacency and conformity; and the unbearable relentlessness of greed and desire for power. It's quite revelatory, even though after you read it, you'll think, "duh, that's obvious now!"