07 February 2008

Here I blog again ...

Cliff asked me to make a blog for Sacred Chow, so I did. It's at sacredchow.blogspot.com and you're welcome to dash on over and take a look. As of right now, there's not very much posted there, but we're going to start to fill it up with the daily specials, and other neat shit like that. I'm hoping to get some of the other people here involved (who are interested, of course), so that we can all post our thoughts about new specials, or events that we're having and shit. However, I'm not sure where Cliff wants to take this, so we're going with wait and see for now. It should be pretty cool, and I'm hoping that my harassing him to do this for all this time has finally got him excited about it. :D It'll be a neat way to connect with our peoples.


  1. Those specials sound yummy, Dino! Why don't I live nearer New York!? I've added sacred chow to my links anyway :) Maybe one day I'll get the chance to visit!

  2. Dino, I missed you!

    I just bought your book, as I promised ;).

    Keep it up hotstuff :D