26 February 2008

Help me by requesting my book.

If you live in the New York City area, and like my book, or like my recipes, or even just like me (wink wink), could you please just take a moment to fill out a book request form for the NYC Public Library? Click this link to go to the NYPL website, and fill out the form.


The Title is "The Alternative Vegan," the Author is "Dino Sarma", the ISBN is ISBN-10: 0977080420 ISBN-13: 978-0977080427, the Edition is First, the place of Publication is New York. Publisher is Ingram, the list price is $17.95, and the format is Book. If you could also include some comments about how you heard about my work, it would really help, because the people reading it will see that it's not someone sending multiple copies of the form. Thanks.

Also, if you'd like to request The Alternative Vegan at your local library, I would appreciate that too. :D

WARNING: Do not fill out the forms I'm linking below. Only fill out /your own local/ library's form IF your library doesn't carry it in their catalog, and you want to check it out to read. Don't abuse the system for me; it's annoying to the librarians who work so hard, and it takes what precious little money they have to work with away from stuff that people are actually reading. I'm only linking these to show that "Suggest a Book" programmes are common, and your local librarian will be happy to show you how to do so.

Patterson Free Public Library, New Jersey
University of Rochester
New Hampshire
Portland [What the hey, Portland!? Why haven't any of your masses suggested me yet? Get on with it, PDX vegans!]
Newport Beach, CA
London, Ontario, Canada

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