09 November 2007

Studio B

I'll be at Studio B (259 Banker St in Brooklyn) so if you're out my way, say hi! I recently got my hair coloured, with red streaks in it, so I will be looking a bit different. Thus far, I've done my partying in Manhattan, so I think it'll be fun to see what Brooklyn has to offer too!

Today, I plan on mooching around my neighbourhood. I need to hit up an Indian store near my house to snag some last-minute ingredients for cooking, as well as run down to some shoe stores and get myself some walking shoes. Oh. And I need socks.

I remember when I was growing up, my mother would get us kids gifts like fresh new underwear and socks for our birthdays, and a new shirt or trousers for Diwali (major Indian holiday). We'd get shoes when she was able to find them on sale at the store, or at garage sales or second hand stores. Right about now, I could really really really use a few sets of birthday presents. It's not that I can't afford these things, but more that I'm feeling phenomenally lazy, and don't feel like schelpping out there to beyond the beyonds to figure out ... foundational clothing.


  1. happy Diwali Dino. thanks to your blog i was reminded about the holiday and my Indian friends now think I am the most culturally aware and educated friend ever :)

    ps. does this mean you live in billy-burg? while running through it in the marathon last sunday, i made the observation that it is the neighborhood with the cutest people in new york. seriously.

  2. happy Diwali!
    I feel relieved... I thought I was the only kid who got socks and undies as presents!

  3. Demi: Happy Diwali! May goddess Laxmi shower you and your family with her blessings for the rest of the year! I'm further out into Brooklyn; we're near Myrtle/Wyckoff. I think you could almost call it Bushwick? Yeah, Bushwick. Definitely hit me up if you're in my 'hood.

    Pavotrouge: Happy Diwali! May Laxmi Ma bless you and yours with as much fortune (monetary and luck) as she has to give! :) Socks and undies were great presents, because they'd keep wearing the heck out! That, and I have a minor obsession with socks. Instead of doing sporting crap, I'd be in the library, curled up with a good book. My socks lasted a long time.