21 November 2007

Creation is a wonderful thing.

Yesterday, I lazed around the house, and decided to make a quick meal that I could fall back on if I got hungry during the day. See, rather than having three distinct meals per day, I tend to graze on whatever is lying around. This includes everything from fruit to nuts to anything cooked. So on days off, I tend to make a big pot of something, and nibble on it all day.

Yesterday's dish started off as a potato curry. I did the cumin, turmeric, and hot paprika thing initially, thinking that it'd be enough for me. Of course, I had a pot of rice going on the back burner. Once the potatoes and rice were cooked, I eyed a bunch of spinach that looked ready to go bad really soon. And, I figured that if I was going to be adding, why not throw down some protein while I'm at it? In went the chopped spinach, and a can of black beans (drained and washed).

It came out way better than I expected, and Steve and I were attacking it all day!

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