13 March 2012

You too can make it!

My friend from an online cooking forum named Kenn decided to try eating all vegan for the month of March as a challenge to himself. He bought a copy of my cook book, and has given some of the recipes a try. He graciously allowed me to show a picture of his efforts here, so that you all can look and enjoy the food photo.

The recipe, if you're curious, is the Eggplant Planks. He explained his process for making them on his blog. If you enjoy my style of cooking with lots of produce and fresh ingredients, and avoiding premade faux meats and the rest, give his blog a look, because he's doing exactly that kind of food. He also takes beautiful pictures of the food.

I wanted to highlight his take on my recipe for a reason: he did exactly what I encourage people to do! He took the recipes as a starting point, then tweaked to his liking until it became something that he could call his own. I never would have thought to add tomato sauce to gravy, but it sounds absolutely delicious! It is by experimenting with what you like in particular and then sharing the results that we all learn about food from each other.

I love getting feedback from my readers who tweak the recipe, because then I learn something new too! Thanks, Kenn. Thanks for the very kind words, and for the beautiful food.