03 February 2010

Off days

Not only was my phone out of batteries all day, I’d also managed to leave the charger at home. Mind you, I did have a secondary wall charger, but I took that one home during the move earlier this week, because I couldn’t find the regular one that I had at home. Then, to top it off, I’d also managed to leave my keys in the office. Hot.

Oh. And my wireless headphones went silent, because I hadn’t charged their batteries in days, but had been using them with my ipod on the way to and from work (40 minutes each way total time from door to door), as well as for about an hour or so before sleeping to get myself to sleep easier. Also, I almost left my hat on the train.

All was not lost, however. I noticed that I left my keys behind when I was still at the train station that takes me back downtown on express (at the 168th street A stop, which goes 168th st, 145th st, 125th st, 59th, 42nd, 34th, 14th, then West 4, which is where I need to exit to get to work. It’s really not that much of a bad trip, especially when I have a book with me to amuse myself.

I also managed to snag the downtown train just as it was pulling into the station, so there was barely any waiting to speak of. Best of all, I found my keys in the office, sitting right where I’d left them, put them back in my bag, and went back to the subway station to catch the train home. Still better is that I have an unlimited pass to ride the subway, so none of these rides cost me anything extra. And of course, best still is that when I do get home, it’ll be nice and warm, I have a fridge that’s reasonably stocked with food, and I’ve got some lovely new spices to put away, because Puppy went to replenish my stocks the other day.

All in all, not a failure of a day.