08 February 2009

I don't want to know what's going in. I want what's coming out.

I've had this major annoyance for a while, that when I'm on the phone, I want to hear what you're saying to me. To be honest, I'd sooner not be /on/ the phone to begin with, but there's a total of one or two people who I have to talk to on the phone regularly, because we're so physically far apart (best friend and my mother are two of those). So aside from face-to-face interaction and emails, the only time that I'll be listening to what you're saying is when you're doing it on the Internets.

1. Don't eat while you're recording. It's disgusting to hear the smacking of your lips, and the movements of your mouth. It also breaks up your flow of what you're trying to say. I don't mind if you need to get some liquid in you to keep the mouth lubricated (because one does tend to dry out), but much more than that is quite revolting.

2. --

No, that's about it. Don't eat when you're recording audio.



  1. Heh I'm a guilty party here, but I sort of have an excuse! I'm usually driving and away from the computer, and some hair-brained idea comes up, and I can't wait to hit you up and talk about it. I'd rather do my correspondence by internet, but I commute about two hours or more daily so that leaves a lot of time for idle hands to punch digits :)

  2. You don't count, Chuck. I've /never/ heard you eating while on the phone.