05 August 2008

Cleaning >_<

Do you keep a tidy kitchen?

I find that some things, I can clean as I go along. If there's a large sink, it's easy to wash out a dish while you're cooking, so that it doesn't pile up too quickly. That being said, when I'm done cooking, I'm usually too tuckered out to do the cleaning. It's sad, because sometimes, the kitchen can start looking like a supply store exploded all over it. This is not so good.

Which is what happens when I get some spare time, and I have nothing scheduled. I'll go on a bit of a cleaning spree, and scrub everything down. Then for all of five days, the stoves will be gleaming white, the counters will be glowy and bright, and the fridge will be spotless. Until I cook my next major meal.

I'm starting to see why people are so enamoured of the oven. It makes a fraction of the mess, and you can get a whole helluva lot more done.

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  1. Hi Dino,

    I have a question unrelated to cleaning. I just bought some poha. Do you cook with it? If you do, do you use the thick or thin? I'm a bit confused.