19 March 2008

Rainy and cold and UCK

I didn't have work today, so I slept in really late. Like. REALLY late. I woke up around 2 PM, meaning that I had missed the window to call in my grocery order. Crap.

So, I walked over to the Q102 bus stop, which is like 2 feet away from my first floor door, and waited under a shelter. The bus got there, did its rounds of the Island, and we were in Queens in like a minute or so. I got out, and walked the (4? 5?) blocks or so to Trade Fair. What a difference it is to pick out your own stuff! I was able to get the exact quality I wanted, and managed to even pick up a few specials that weren't advertised ($2 for Rice milk!), and in the amount that I wanted.

The bonus part was that I was able to hit up a couple of pretty snazzy second hand stores on the way there (and the way back!), and pick up some really cool bargains. I got some excellent button down shirts that I can have tailored down to the proper size, a really neat sweater, and yards and yards of wicked cool looking fabric. The fabric was like $2 or so, and the shirts were like a dollar or so each.

Mind you though, it was raining the whole time, and I got caught in the thick of it the muck. I had to wait about ten minutes or so for the bus to come around, and the whole, drippy ordeal was miserable. By the time I walked into the apartment, I was a sodden mess, and fairly sniffly (AGAIN). The whole process of getting in and out of the house and back in was like an hour and a half or so, because I got diverted. They were darned good diversions though, because I also got some nice, warm fluffy blankets. I saw those bloody things at the Macy's for like $80 a pop. Forget that!

Finally, by the time I blustered in, five minutes later, the groceries came! Trade Fair offers free delivery on orders over $30, so I definitely took advantage of that offer, and stocked up on stuff that I've been putting off on buying, because lugging them up to my place would have been a right proper pain in the behind. So here I am, sodden, and dripping on my nice floor rug (someone was going to throw it out, and I took it. It just needs a shampooing), and I realised that while I managed to pick up vinegar to make Vegan Soda Bread, I utterly forgot to snag the baking soda. Ring ring, call Steve, ask him to snag some on the way.

I curled up with a steaming hot cup of rasam, and felt the body heat reach my toes, as it always does when I drink rasam. Mmm.

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