27 January 2008

Prejudiced on Pressure

I'll let it be known in public: I have a prejudice against pressure cookers. For whatever reason, I seem to default to my crock pot instead, because I don't have to babysit it. I can dump my ingredients into the pot, set it, run out the door to work, and come home to a lovely smelling house and a hearty meal. If I set it earlier in the day, Steve can come home to a piping hot dinner without having to stop and think about anything. I don't see myself ever needing dried beans cooked in 20 minutes or whatever. For that, I can use the tinned. And if it's a bean like lentils or split peas, it doesn't take that long to cook to begin with. Anyone else with me?


  1. I love my slow-cooker and pressure cookers seem dangerous and temperamental. On the other hand, my best friend loves her pressure cooker, so I guess to each his/her own.

  2. Yeah, pressure cookers are scary. :)

  3. Oh funny. Silly people, pressure cookers really are not scary. In fact the new ones have all sorts of safety features. They don't blow up any more...

    That said, I like my slow cooker a whole lot more and probably use it 3X as much.

    Canned beans are usually too salty and with my crowd, I have to open three cans or so, so my crock-pot/slow cooker gets a LOT of use.

  4. Sort of. Canned beans are unsalted and quite cheap here as well. There are many histories running in my family involving exploding pressure cookers, so I decided not to take chances.

  5. The new pressure cookers are not scary. And I bet that if you tasted dishes cooked in the crock pot and compared them with those cooked in the pressure cooker you would find an incredible difference in flavor, color and texture.
    In fact, even the beans cooked in the pressure cooker taste better. If anyone is going to make beans from scratch, it ought to be vegans.
    Don't be scared of pressure cookers -- they can be a vegan's best kitchen equipment, after a stove . Check out my website at http:www.pressurecookingonline.com. You might change your mind. I hope that you do, in the interest of great tasting vegan food.

  6. I like the idea of a crock pot, but I am not so good at planning ahead. I rely on my pressure cooker because I can come home from work, put my feet up for awhile, and then go into the kitchen and have chickpeas cooked in 15 minutes! Pressure cookers are a slacker cook's best friend.