10 October 2007

Moving ramble: not for the easily bored.

If you're bored by my ramblings about moving, just keep going. Maybe read the veganfaq.blogspot.com for something more interesting and definitely more enlightening than my whinging. Either way, it's here so that I have some record of moving, and so that Steve can grant me a firm kick in the bottom if I ever suggest moving again. Onwards then!

So here we are, with a mountain of crap that we've managed to accumulate over the past year and change. Tonnes of clothes, lots of baubles, random books, books that aren't so random, accessories, and more stuff that I'm ashamed to admit. My mother rustled up some Club cookware, which I feel hideous leaving behind, as I've wanted to cook with it since forever, but was saving it for when I move. My set of Henckel knives that I got as a gift from Steve's brother (and sister—both bought us a set) that have served me so well. It's just about that time to get them sharpened anyway, but the lovely lady who's renting us the place has generously offered the use of her kitchen.

There's also a small mountain of miscellaneous crap that's sitting around and gathering dust. I can't take all those books with me, because I literally don't have the space in my suitcases. But what about that tome that I have for using Creative Suite 2? I read that damn thing constantly. I also have autographed copies of some books that I can't let go, because they came from friends.

Aside from all of that, however, I'm LAZY! I don't feel like going through that huge pile of stuff, and sorting it out and getting it into boxes. Boo. I can't exactly ask Steve to tackle it, because he doesn't get home until past 7:00 anyway. I know that when this is all over, I'll look back and laugh, but for now, it just feels good to whine. >_<


  1. hey Dino! i am listening to you on the freak radio (ps, a show on garlic = genius or what!?) which has led me to check out your blog- how exciting you moved to nyc! congrats and welcome!! hope you settle in well and let me know if need some tips on being vegan in the city (because this is my first time reading your blog im not sure how well you know the city). cheers!

  2. Moving is no fun -- keep in there, it'll soon (hopefully) be over. I still have boxes of books and miscellaneous items that are gathering dust in a spare room - and it's been over a year since I moved!

  3. moving is a pain, but hold on. changes are a good thing, aren't they?

  4. Demian: Thanks for the kind words, and offer of help. :) I know Manhattan really well, and the rest of the boroughs not so well, but I do have a full list of vegan restaurants in Brooklyn (where I'll be staying), and it's even more comprehensive than Manhattan!

    Meredith: Ack! I can imagine what a pain in the behind that must be! We're actually taking very little, so that we don't end up with extra crap. That's why all the boxes: we want to have it easy on my parents to dispose of our stuff we leave behind.

    Pavotrouge: Changes are good, and we're certainly ready for them, but sometimes, I feel like having a good long whinge about the amount of work involved in making them happen. I'm sure I'll find a less emo day at some point!

  5. i have a demonstration speech coming up in my speech class, and am wanting to do a cooking demonsrtation of vegan food, but i only have 15 min. to do it. i am allowed to videotape it at home as part of the presentation and let the class watch it as i give it a play by play. i was wondering if you had any good recipes that will change the minds of my classmates about veganism? there are about 16 in my class and i want to make something that will keep until the next day so they can eat it.

  6. Urgh, Dino, I hate moving, too, so you have my sympathy. Ramble all you want, because moving is a pain and anything that makes it more bearable is worth it!

    I just wanted to add that I now have your cookbook and love it, and to thank you for the advice on quince paste from months ago on the forums. My mother-in-law keeps sending us the stuff (which is far too sweet to actually eat on its own) so it keeps ending up in delicious pumpkin soups and other things!

    Take care, and good luck with the move.

  7. KOC: My mom's friend used to make this one fruit tart that I would love. You soak some almonds overnight. The next day, you grind down the almonds in a food processor until they're finely chopped (but not smooth). Then, you press the almonds into the bottom of a pie tin.

    While that's chilling out in the fridge, you slice up the prettiest fruits you can find. Use colour! Fruits are packed with it, and you might as well take advantage of that! When you're done slicing, arrange the fruit in the almond shell, and you're set! It's pretty, easy, and tasty.

    It's even better the next day.

    The Girl: Thank you for the sympathy. I've whined long and fully, so hopefully, this won't become a recurring thing. <3