05 June 2011

National Geographic

I remember spending hours watching National Geographic documentaries. This was back in the day when you had the local PBS stations carrying a good selection of documentaries, and they'd advertise a particularly cool one, and you'd wait for it to come out. Then they'd re-air it a few more times before the next round of awesome footage came out. I remember listening to the theme song for the National Geographic documentaries, and would likely recognise it immediately.

And then I saw this comment on the video:

FINALLY FOUND IT! EVER SINCE MADAGASCAR CAME OUT I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR THIS SONG!!!!! THE NAME OF IT (The chase scene, right after Alex becomes 'wild' and chases Marty for the first time)

That makes me sad. I hope that discovering what the song is will encourage the person to go seek out the work that National Geographic has done. The magazines are still some of the coolest things ever. They're printed in such high quality paper that people hold onto them for years, as they would any sort of book.