22 January 2010

Left at Home

I checked my bag this morning before heading out to work, and was sure I’d put everything in there. Charger for laptop, laptop, backup hard drive for laptop, ipod, headphones, keys, phone, everything. Everything except the cigarettes and lighter.

It’s weird. I haven’t taken a smoke break while at work in over a year. For one thing, it’s damned expensive. For another, my boss isn’t too thrilled with the smell either. Most of all though, there’s frankly no time for it. If I have five minutes to stop and do something relaxing, I’ll drink some water, or chat with someone.

However, just like a security blanket, having the pack in my bag (for me) means that I can reach for a cigarette in the off chance that I’m craving one in the middle of the day. And this is completely different from those times that I leave for work, go through the day, and come home, only to find that the cigarettes are still sitting on the desk. In those cases, I didn’t know that I’d forgotten them. In this case, I noticed when I opened my bag at work.

I don’t anticipate it being a problem, which means that if I can get through today without going to the store to buy a new pack, then I can just start leaving the cigarettes at home all together. It’s easy enough to switch out that security with something else entirely, like salted nuts or something. Those will certainly be a lot more satisfying!