03 September 2007

Empty fridge ... again!

It's one of those times that we're all very familiar with—empty fridge syndrome. There is literally no vegetable sitting in there. I've got onions and tomatoes (because I always have onions and tomatoes) and all of three potatoes which I'm loathe to use, because they cost do darned much. I'm highly annoyed that there's nothing, because Steve gets in soon. Furthermore, I don't fancy serving my boy a mess of fried stuff. Not going to happen.

While I was swearing under my breath, I took a quick inventory of the pantry to see what I could rustle up. No tinned beans, no tinned veg, no nothing. I've got a large box of polenta in the fridge, but man cannot live on polenta alone. I continued grumbling under my breath, as I took an inventory of the shelves where we keep the dried beans. There you are! A pound of chickpeas, and a pound of mung beans. Hrm. There's no way I'm eating mung beans that are just soaked. They have to be sprouted to bring out the best taste. Chickpeas also need soaking.

I set both batches of beans to soak on Sunday night, and got them to start boiling on Monday. By Tuesday, we'll have daal. All I did was take that tomato-onion-curry leaf base, and add the cooked chickpeas to it. Gold.

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  1. The daal was so nice to come home to late last night after the layover from hell. ^_^